The USA as Distinct Nations

The USA is too damn big. Even the states themselves are poorly conceived – the borders simply aren’t helpful for actual administrating, let alone for a functional democracy. Cartographers and social theorists have come up with a few nice proposals to rethink the map. Distinct cultural differences as well as geographical ones help to identify the actual nations (peoples) within each land, and the real-world economic and political ties that actually bind North America.

Should  these new divisions constitute new states or fully sovereign countries? I think a situation like the European Union would make the most sense – each nation should be respected for its sovereignty, while also uniting on bigger issues like currency, human rights and free travel. Such a redrawing of borders and rethinking of autonomy would honor the people and general politics of each place.

11 American Nations

The North American continent is fully fleshed out here. The international border between the US and Canada is especially ridiculous, and could easily be ignored in favor of more practical divisions.

North American nations

This map identifies the mega-regions that dictate the economy:

USA megaregions

This map articulates the mega-region point quite beautifully:

USA real america

USA real america2

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