Teenagers dead in the Mediterranean

Immigration chaos continues

Teenagers dead in the Mediterranean

With Europe’s doors open to all immigrants, more and more stories like this appear: 26 girls found dead in the ocean, near a flimsy, sinking raft to which many others clung. Over the weekend, Italian authorities brought in 400 people from Northern Africa: 52 minors, 90 women and 258 men. The authorities will investigate if the the 26 dead teenage girls were sexually molested before drowning – apparently it’s suspected.

The immigration route into Southern Europe is fraught with human misery. Human traffickers, despite grave disrepute, are in high demand, millions desperate to flee their lands in favour of Europe. The EU, with its seemingly humane intent to offer solace to the tired, huddled masses, seems to perpetuate a dubious black market in which criminal behaviour seems de rigour.

From CNN: 

Libya is a well-known jumping-off point for migrants seeking refuge on European shores. Many from sub-Saharan Africa, are fleeing war and persecution; others from impoverished nations in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia have made the treacherous journey in search of better economic opportunities.
The North African country is a hotbed for human traffickers, whose network of smuggling operations have gone widely unchecked due to Libya’s lack of effective central governance.
On Monday, Italian police arrested two men, an Egyptian and a Libyan accused with human smuggling. The men are not believed to be connected to the boat that was transporting the teenage girls.
Since the start of this year, 2,839 migrants have died on the central Mediterranean route, according to the International Organization for Migration. 150,982 migrants have reached European shores, of which around 74% are Italian arrivals.
In August, Italy deployed two military ships to Libya, offering training to the Libyan Tripoli Coast Guard following an agreement signed between the Italian Interior Minister, the Tripoli government and various mayors of Libyan villages to fight human trafficking.

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